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unless scope.nil?
  @page ||= Page.find(id, :scope => Page.find(scope) )
  @page ||= Page.find(id)
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In the future, please indent code by four spaces so that it actually looks like code when shown on Stack Overflow. –  Jonathan Sterling May 7 '10 at 14:36

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@page ||=  Page.find id, :scope => (Page.find scope if scope)
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this is the neatest certainly, and as mentioned in the end its down to preference of course. –  Globalkeith May 11 '10 at 15:38

This is a bit DRYer:

find_opts = scope.nil? ? {} : {:scope => Page.find(scope)}
@page ||= Page.find(id, find_opts)
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I would write the block in question like the following. It really comes down to preference, but I find this way to be the most readable.

@page ||=
  if scope
    Page.find id, :scope => Page.find(scope)
    Page.find id
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@page ||= scope.nil? ? Page.find(id) : Page.find(id, :scope => Page.find(scope))
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You could do:

@page ||= unless scope.nil?
  Page.find(id, :scope => Page.find(scope))
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