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i have this code below to show different divs when i choose certain radio buttons:

if ($("input[@name='exerciseRB']:checked").val() == 'New') {
 else {

at first, i just had two radio buttons (both named exerciseRB and everything works fine.

Now, later in my web page i added two new radio buttons (with the name lessonRB).

The issue is that once i added these other new radio buttons when i look up this in firebug:


i actually get an array back with both the exerciseRB item as well as the lessonRB item. Its almost as if the


is being ignored. any ideas here?

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are you sure the error is elsewhere!? –  aSeptik May 7 '10 at 16:07

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You don't need the @ before name in your selector.

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@name='exerciseRB' should be name=exerciseRB ie:

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