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First of all, I have to run "rake RAILS_ENV=test ..." to get the test suites to hit my test DB. Annoying but ok to live with.

However when I do so, I get a long stream of errors like so:

> rake RAILS_ENV=test -I test test:units
psql:/path/to/project/db/test_structure.sql:33: ERROR:  function "armor" already exists with same argument types
[and many more]

It looks like some DB definitions are getting unnecessarily reloaded. I can't find any mention of this on Google, so I was wondering whether others have seen this?

I am using a PostgreSQL database with the following in my environment.rb:

  config.active_record.schema_format = :sql

and using Rails 2.3.5 with rake 0.8.7.

At this point I've fixed it but forgot how! I think I might have had pgcrypt loaded into the template schema, so the database was creating a "blank" database with it already loaded, and then rails was re-defining the functions from the saved schema. Unloading the functions from the template database would have fixed that.

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The usual convention to run a rake task is as below:

> RAILS_ENV=test rake test:units

or as below:

> rake test:units RAILS_ENV=test

Can you try running in one of the above way? Hope that does the trick!

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I do run it that way (the "-I test" was an unnecessary habit from running "ruby -I test ..." for a single test file). –  korinthe Feb 7 '11 at 12:27

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