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I am new to both Ruby and ActiveRecord. I currently have a need to modify and existing piece of code to add a date range in the select. The current piece goes like this:

ReportsThirdparty.find(:all, :conditions => {:site_id=>site_id, :campaign_id=>campaign_id, :size_id=>size_id})

Now, I need to add a range, but I am not sure how to do the BETWEEN or >= or <= operators. I guess what I need is something similar to:

ReportsThirdparty.find(:all, :conditions => {:site_id=>site_id, :campaign_id=>campaign_id, :size_id=>size_id, :row_date=>"BETWEEN #{start_date} AND #{end_date}")

Even if this did work, I know that using interpolation here would leave me subject to SQL injection attacks.

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I believe you can pass a Range object to ActiveRecord's find and get what you want:

  :conditions => { 
    :site_id => site_id, 
    :campaign_id => campaign_id, 
    :size_id => size_id, 
    :row_date => start_date..end_date } )

Edit: If you're using Rails 3 you can expect to use something similar to:

  :site_id => site_id, 
  :campaign_id => campaign_id, 
  :size_id => size_id, 
  :row_date => start_date..end_date)

For more information on Rails 3 Active Record queries check out:

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Absolutely perfect! Thanks! –  Russ Bradberry May 7 '10 at 18:27

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