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I am looking for application/software that will help me in scraping data from yellow pages, jigsaw and other similar kind of websites. I want to collect info like contact details/ name designation and email address. Please advice some software that will be able to do so, the price i am looking should be affordable or preferably free.

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Is this to help build you a spambot? –  Mitch Dempsey May 7 '10 at 18:20
this is for me to build a database of target customer and then try and contact them either by calling or emailing them. –  beginning_steps May 8 '10 at 13:52

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Broadlook's ContactCapture is a free product.

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IRobotSoft's free web scraper will be a good fit.

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ListGrabber software enables you to scrape contact information from online directories like yellow pages directories, white pages directories, association websites, membership directories, MLS listings, etc. and enter them into an Excel spreadsheet or any database (ACT!, Outlook, GoldMine, etc.).Download free trial version from http://www.egrabber.com/TU4234n97

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It seems that you need a social crm platform that allows you to collect contact details directly from the web. I recommend the social network crm called Nimble

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ive used tons of these programs the best two hands down are "Business Directory Extractor" and "Yellabot" just google those names for the sites.

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