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I created a query in Microsoft Access like the one below:

SELECT Deliverables.ID, Deliverables.Title, Deliverables.Summary, 
Deliverables.Header_Code, Deliverables.Header_Code.Value, Deliverables.Sort_order, 
Deliverables.Pillar, Deliverables.Pillar.Value, Deliverables.Misc_ID
FROM Deliverables
WHERE (((Deliverables.Pillar.Value)="Link Building"));

But my problem is that this query locks my fields and I cannot make changes to the table using the query view.

Any suggestions? I am using Microsoft Access 2007

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Looks like Header_Code and Pillar are multi-value fields. Can you confirm? –  HansUp May 8 '10 at 14:55
Multivalue fields should be avoided unless you need them for compatibility with Sharepoint. –  David-W-Fenton May 9 '10 at 2:01

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I'm not very experienced with multi-value fields. However, I experimented with it a little, and I think the fields in your query might be editable if you can eliminate Header_Code.Value and Pillar.Value from your output field list. Can this version work for you?

SELECT d.ID, d.Title, d.Summary, d.Header_Code, d.Sort_order, d.Pillar, d.Misc_ID
FROM Deliverables AS d
WHERE (((d.Pillar.Value)="Link Building"));
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