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In TextMate there is a feature called "Go to file" that is used for file navigation. It is a box where you type the name of a file in your project and it will use fuzzy matching to generate a list of candidate files from which you can select.

Other editors have this feature, but they each give it a different name:

Vim fuzzyfinder
Emacs fuzzy-find-in-project
TextMate Go to file (fuzzy)
Eclipse OpenResource (not fuzzy)
Eclipse GotoFile (fuzzy)
Komodo Go to File (not fuzzy)
Netbeans Go to file (not fuzzy)

Does jEdit, Geany, or Ultraedit have this feature?

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I came across Fuzzy Open for gedit and it works for me.

Give it a try:

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I just thought I'd comment that, in Eclipse, you can get "near-fuzzy" search using wildcard character *.

For example *f*i*l*e will find all resources which contain characters f,i,l,e in this order in any place in the name of the resource.

This works with Ctrl+Shift+R (search for resources) as well as for Ctrl+E (search in open tabs) and others too, I suspect.

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I didn't found anything similar for Geany and wrote small prototype it works but has some bugs.

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Cool it looks interesting. – hekevintran Feb 9 '11 at 3:31

Gedit has this feature with the snapopen plugin. You find it on

Or you can use the Gmate-Plugins for gedit: It is basicly gedit on steroids.

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