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I want to design a dialog box that contains an accordion with 3 sections, does anyone knows how to achieve this?. I'm trying with JQuery accordion example but still not success on it. I appreciated your ideas around this.

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check out this link, about half way down the page is a good example

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thanks a lot. Very helpful tutorial on it. – Felix G May 8 '10 at 3:58

If you're trying to embed it in a popup alert() box, you cannot do so. Your best bet is to create your own modal popup.

Using jQuery UI's dialog is a good base, with lots of online documentation and use, but you may just want to create an overlay on your own. This just means to create a DIV you place absolutely, with jQuery, over everything else.

$("body").append("<div id='modal'>All of your markup</div>");

with CSS for the modal window in your stylesheet something like

#modal {
  position:absolute; /* could be 'fixed', but then you have to deal with browsers */

and so on.

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The easy way


So for a three item section

<div id="someDiv">
  <h3><a href="#">Section 1</a></h3>
  <div>Section 1 content</div>
  <h3><a href="#">Section 2</a></h3>
  <div>Section 2 content</div>
  <h3><a href="#">Section 3</a></h3>
  <div>Section 3 content</div>

You'll probably want to customize.

    active: 2,
    collapsible: true
    width: 500,
    height: 350,
    title: 'Some title'

Good luck!

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