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Just wondering if anyone has any favourite SQL references they to use when creating new queries. Possibly something that shows syntax, or available functions?

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If you're looking for one with just very basic functions you can try this to see if it fits your need.

You might have to paste the parts that you want into a better printing format as the top of the page has google ads =(

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You ROCK bobo!! Good advice FTW!! – branchgabriel Dec 1 '08 at 22:24

I'm a fan of the O'Reilly SQL pocket guide. It covers most of the major DB system types, and explains some of the functions that are unique to certain ones.

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I found this to be a handy little reference sheet for basic syntax and functions/statements: SQL Cheat Sheet

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looks good. this image must extend to have more commands. – Neutralizer Sep 18 '13 at 10:10

Also O'Reilly SQL pocket guide for a quick glance. Covers Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL. For more detailed questions, Date/Darwen: A Guide to the SQL Standard, MySQL Reference Manual ( ). or just Google.

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