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I'm trying to install a linux driver for my wireless network card (D-Link DWL-G510) on my Red Hat Linux 7.1 machine with a kernel. I downloaded the serial monkey driver from the sourceforge site and was able to successfully compile the module. However, whenever I do a "make install", the make script executes a "depmod -a" command which then complains with the message: "Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/".

I then executed a "depmod -e" command to show unresolved symbols and it indicates the following information:


I did a grep on the above information and it showed no source files making reference to it. I searched for it on google and it returned no results. Can anyone help?

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I found out the reason - it was missing the firmware_class module. I had to rebuild kernel modules with the experimental feature CONFIG_FW_LOADER as a module which is found under Library routines\Hotplug firmware loading support. After loading the firmware_class module, the rt73 module loaded successfully also.

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