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I've got a project that I'm using Doxygen to generate documentation to. The documentation of the classes is fine, but I've also got some functions that I use in main() to create objects etc. I'd also like to have these into my documentation, but I have not figured how to do that. Any suggestions?

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Use \fn where you otherwise use \class in your \\*! *\ block

look for "Documentation at other places"

It works similar as documenting member functions

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Entities that are members of classes are only documented if their class is documented. Entities declared at namespace scope are only documented if their namespace is documented. Entities declared at file scope are only documented if their file is documented.

So to document a free function in the global namespace you also need a line like this somewhere in the header file in which it is declared:

/** @file */

Or like this:

/*! \file */
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I like this pattern

   /// \brief setX
   /// \param x offset of the image.
   /// \return a new image as an QImage.
    QImage  setX(int x);
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This pattern worked well for us.

/*! Convert counts to kg for the reservoir.  
    \param counts The A/D counts to convert.` 
    \return The calculated kg based on the parameter.  
float RES_ConvertCountsToValue(uint_16 counts);  
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