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i'm caught in a problem. i'm developing an application based on lbs and referred the code given in (forum.nokia.com/wiki) GpsPositionRequest.zip when i try to install the app on device it gets installed successfully but while executing it shows error "unable to execute for security reasons".. i've signed the sis file using carbide C++. my mmp file include the capabilities: ReadDeviceData, WriteDeviceData, Location, NetworkServices, ReadUserData.

my class uses TPositionInfo,RPositionServer,RPositioner does it need any other capability?? (i'm using carbide c++ and s60 3rd edition fp1)

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Location is the capability you need.

What kind of signing key/cert are you using? Does it have the required capabilities?

Updated after comments: In 3rd edition FP1 the Location capability is a system capability that cannot be granted with a self-signed certificate. (It became a user capability that works with self-signed cert in Symbian OS 9.3 i.e. FP2.)

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I use self signing. How can I know what kind of signing is required by the capability? – Day_Dreamer May 9 '10 at 19:22
@Day_Dreamer: see this page: developer.symbian.org/wiki/index.php/… – Gareth Stockwell May 10 '10 at 8:33

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