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I am fiddling around with JBOSS's Web Services, and I have created the following:

Now I need to access Web Methods from that Web Service from JavaScript.

Say I have a web method named foo in TestService, how do I make an ajax call to it?

I tried accessing the method via, but I'm getting an HTTP Status 404.

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Have you tried accessing the server using SoapUI or curl or the Firefox Poster plugin? If you can't connect with them then you've got JBOSS configured badly. – Il-Bhima May 8 '10 at 15:23
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I wrote the following JavaScript that will allow me to call the Web Methods from the JBoss Web Service.


var WS = function (url, ns, nsName) {
    return function (method, parameters, callback) {
        var i, j, para, soapBody = new SOAPObject(method), sr, response;
        soapBody.ns = {
            name: nsName,
            uri: ns
        if (typeof parameters === "function") {
            callback = parameters;
        } else if (parameters && parameters.length) {
            for (i = 0, j = parameters.length; i < j; ++i) {
                para = parameters[i];
                soapBody.appendChild(new SOAPObject(;
        sr = new SOAPRequest(method, soapBody);
        SOAPClient.Proxy = url;
        SOAPClient.SendRequest(sr, function (r) {
            response = r.Body[0][method + "Response"][0]["return"][0]["Text"];
            if (callback) {
      , response);


var ws = WS("", "http://wservices/", "ns2");

ws("foo", [{name: "name", value:"dreas"}], function (r) {

Disclaimer: This is still very much untested, so it can still blow up your computer

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