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I have been using Dreamweaver for my web development and would like to try out eclipse. I would like to keep the source files where they are now. What do I need to set for my workspace and then how do I set it to look at my existing files?

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You'll want to set up a workspace in the parent directory of the folder containing that project. Then, you'll create a new PHP project in Eclipse with the same name as the folder containing that project. That should get you going!

For example say you have a folder called Development. Inside that you have a folder called MyProject which contains all the subdirectories and code for your PHP project. On startup you'll select Development for your workspace and then create a PHP project called MyProject.

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Eclipse PDT:

1: New -> Local PHP Project. Create it wherever you want (e.g your workspace).

2: Import -> File System. Select the root of your source code.

3: Click Advanced -> Create Links.

Now all source files will be edited in their current location.

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Have you setup Eclipse for PHP Developers?


As far as I remember, it leaves the source files intact.

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Yeah, I downloaded the one from zend.com/pdt I just don't know how to set it up the way i want. –  Mike May 8 '10 at 15:26
The Zend Studio IDE is nice and all but you'll find the Eclipse for PHP Developers flavor works pretty well and is free. I too started out with the Zend Studio and switched over to the Eclipse for PHP Developers since I wasn't using a Zend server. There are some nice refractoring and other features on Zend Studio that I haven't found in PHP for Dev flavor but I've learned to live without them. Just food for thought. –  gurun8 May 8 '10 at 19:03

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