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I have a Samsung LD220Z multi touch monitor, and when I'm experimenting with some WPF and touch features the touch events arent firing. The mouse down event seems to be firing however.

Does this mean that I have to take into account that not all touch screen behave the same, and how do I get the touch inputs on my screen? I've tried the Windows 7 Touch pack that microsoft released. And the multi touch features seems to work there.

Any suggestion on how to proceed with this?

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what version of wpf are you using? – Dave May 8 '10 at 16:27
Wich ever version of WPF that comes with a normal Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 installation. – Smetad Anarkist May 8 '10 at 16:55
ok, just checking. I think you should have everything you need, then. I am on VS2008 still and IIRC you have to install libraries to get it to work on 3.5SP1. – Dave May 8 '10 at 18:35

Event touchstart WORKS but touchend not. You can use onmouseup="SOMEfun()" Even the Samsung Galaxy 3 is a problem with the trigger event. Add the first event and thay will be working on but Two scenario : 1)first add onmouseup and than tauchstart or better 2)check mobile or desktop and than add proper events You can use my detectbrowser function , its very nice (give a name of browser type like mobile_chrome_android_tablet or firefox_desktop , safari_ipad) Make NOMOBILE global , you can simply replace var NOMOBILE =0; with window["NOMOBILE"]=0;

download browser and device detector : This will be closed . Too bad new link :

example for 1)

      document.getElementById('myCanvas').addEventListener('touchstart', function(event) {
        var touch = event.touches[0]; 
        /* Avatar go left */
          if (touch.pageX < 235) {
        if (backgroundX < 0){
         left = 1;
        /* Avatar go right */
         if (touch.pageX > 470) {
        /* Avatar go lower distance */
         if (touch.pageX > 235 && touch.pageX < 470 && touch.pageY >250 ) {
        /* Avatar go to high distance */
         if (touch.pageX > 235 && touch.pageX < 470 && touch.pageY <250 )  {
         } ,false);
        // solution for touchend
          function ENDoff(){

           if (moveLEFT==1) {  moveLEFT=0;  }
           if (moveRIGHT==1) { moveRIGHT=0;  }

<canvas id="myCanvas" width="480" height="960" onmouseup="touch_UP();"></canvas>
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