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I have a problem with Hibernate Native Query. I have one SELECT that selects array slice (PostgreSQL database).

The problem is that hibernate recognizes the following part: ":300" from "SELECT my_array[1:300]..." as named parameter and I get the following exception: Not all named parameters have been set.

I tried to escape the colon (:) with '\:' , '::' but with no success.

The Hibernate version is 3.2

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I don't use PostgreSQL but if you don't find a proper solution for this problem you can implement an interceptor (extend EmptyInterceptor) and modify your query on onPrepareStatement(String sql).

Which means that you could be using something like my_array[1|300] and rewriting it as my_array[1:300] to workaround the named parameters problem.

Edit: I'm not 100% sure the above works (rewriting native SQL and whether the query parser would allow the special character). I've only done the above in HQL and criteria where I was passing the index hint as a query comment.

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Thanks, works also with Native Queries :) –  dime May 10 '10 at 9:03

The colon is not escapeable in Hibernate itself (known Bug since 2005).

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MyInterceptor extends EmptyInterceptor works as mentioned by cherouvim.

don't forget

<property name="hibernate.ejb.interceptor" value="MyInterceptor"/>

in persistence.xml

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create function array_slice(a anyarray, start int4, end int4) returns anyarray as   
    SELECT a[start:end];

Now call this function instead. Did not try it but it will work somehow like this.

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