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Using Drupal on a project which I made custom node types in using the CCK. I want to be able to search the specific node based on a custom field the node has. So let's say I have this node type Article which has a field "myfield", I want to be able to search for Articles based on the myfield field. I understand the default search module allows for searching of node types using the type:MyNodeType in the search, but I did not see any way to limit which fields are searched. Any tips? Is this something that is going to get crazy? Appreciate the help.

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The default search cannot filter by specific fields.

You have a couple options.

  • Write custom code that filters again the actual fields in the database.
  • Use the Views module, which lets you filter against specific fields.
  • Install the ApacheSolr search engine, which can filter against specific fields.
    • This is a fairly complex thing to install.
    • If you're comfortable installing it, though, it's a better and more flexible search than the other two options.
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I use the Search API and Search API DB modules along wth Views for this.

This is a nice how to article.

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