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I am using Ruby/WATIR/AutoIt to automate a task via Task Scheduler which runs fine as long as I am logged in, but as soon as my account is locked (mandated 10 minute screen lock) or I logout the script stops functioning. When I log back in, it is sitting at the part where AutoIt is supposed to handle a file download dialogue by clicking save and then entering the filename and clicking to save again. The follwing is the code that works while I am logged in. Is AutoIt supposed to work when I am not logged in, and is there some other way to accomplish this?

Thanks!! because search has not turned up anything (terms are too generic)

prompt_message = "Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it?"
window_title = "File Download"
save_dialog ="AutoItX3.Control")

sleep 1

save_dialog_obtained = save_dialog.WinWaitActive(window_title,prompt_message, 25)
save_dialog.ControlFocus(window_title, prompt_message, "&Save")

sleep 1

save_dialog.ControlClick(window_title, prompt_message, "&Save")
save_dialog.WinSetTitle(window_title, prompt_message, "This is ForTesting" )
saveas_dialog_obtained = save_dialog.WinWait("Save As", "Save&in", 5)

sleep 1

path = fileName
puts "   Edit the file path"
save_dialog.ControlSend("Save As", "", "Edit1",path)
sleep 4
puts "   Save the file"
save_dialog.ControlClick("Save As", "Save &in", "&Save")
save_fileAlreadyExists = save_dialog.Send("Y")
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AutoIt scripts that send keystrokes will only work if someone is logged in and the desktop is unlocked.

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When screen locked or not logged in, Windows[OS] makes a different "Window" active and hence you cannot do any windos related operation. but control command can still work. Please refer this thread for more info To check and log-in windows from AutoIT script

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