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I'm currently working on an assignment and this have had me stuck for hours. Can someone please help me point out why this isn't working for me?

struct book
  char title[25];
  char author[50];
  char subject[20];
  int callNumber;
  char publisher[250];
  char publishDate[11];
  char location[20];
  char status[11];
  char type[12];
  int circulationPeriod;
  int costOfBook;

void PrintBookList(struct book **bookList)
  int i;
  for(i = 0; i < sizeof(bookList); i++)
    struct book newBook = *bookList[i];
    printf("%s;%s;%s;%d;%s;%s;%s;%s;%s;%d;%d\n",newBook.title,, newBook.subject, 
        newBook.callNumber,newBook.publisher, newBook.publishDate, newBook.location, newBook.status, 
        newBook.type,newBook.circulationPeriod, newBook.costOfBook);


void GetBookList(struct book** bookList)
  FILE* file = fopen("book.txt", "r");
  struct book newBook[1024];
  int i = 0;

  while(fscanf(file, "%s;%s;%s;%d;%s;%s;%s;%s;%s;%d;%d",
        &newBook[i].title, &newBook[i].author, &newBook[i].subject, 
        &newBook[i].callNumber,&newBook[i].publisher, &newBook[i].publishDate, 
        &newBook[i].location, &newBook[i].status,
        &newBook[i].type,&newBook[i].circulationPeriod, &newBook[i].costOfBook) != EOF)
    bookList[i] = &newBook[i];

  /*while(fscanf(file, "%s;%s;%s;%d;%s;%s;%s;%s;%s;%d;%d",
    &bookList[i].title, &bookList[i].author, &bookList[i].subject,
    &bookList[i].callNumber, &bookList[i].publisher, &bookList[i].publishDate,
    &bookList[i].location, &bookList[i].status, &bookList[i].type,
    &bookList[i].circulationPeriod, &bookList[i].costOfBook) != EOF)



int main()
  struct book *bookList[1024];

I get no errors or warnings on compile

it should print the content of the file, just like it is in the file. Like this:

OperatingSystems Internals and Design principles;William.S;IT;741012759;Upper Saddle River;2009;QA7676063;Available;circulation;3;11200
Communication skills handbook;Summers.J;Accounting;771239216;Milton;2010;BF637C451;Available;circulation;3;7900
Business marketing management:B2B;Hutt.D;Management;741912319;Mason;2010;HF5415131;Available;circulation;3;1053
Patient education rehabilitation;Dreeben.O;Education;745121511;Sudbury;2010;CF5671A98;Available;reference;0;6895  
Tomorrow's technology and you;Beekman.G;Science;764102174;Upper Saddle River;2009;QA76B41;Out;reserved;1;7825  
Property & security: selected essay;Cathy.S;Law;750131231;Rozelle;2010;D4A3C56;Available;reference;0;20075  
Introducing communication theory;Richard.W;IT;714789013;McGraw-Hill;2010;Q360W47;Available;circulation;3;12150  
Maths for computing and information technology;Giannasi.F;Mathematics;729890537;Longman;Scientific;1995;QA769M35G;Available;reference;0;13500  
Labor economics;George.J;Economics;715784761;McGraw-Hill;2010;HD4901B67;Available;circulation;3;7585  
Human physiology:from cells to systems;Sherwood.L;Physiology;707558936;Cengage Learning;2010;QP345S32;Out;circulation;3;11135  

but when I run it, it outputs this:


Thanks in advance, you're a life saver

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I think your problem is that your fields contain spaces. fscanf will stop scanning a string (%s) when it sees a white space character. You need to change your %s format specifiers to allow spaces to be included. You can either just exclude your delimiter, e.g. %[^;] or specify what characters to include, e.g. %[ a-zA-Z0-9-] (I think I'd probably go for the first option).

% man fscanf

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Thats great! Didn't even think of that :/ thanks :D – Thomas Winsnes May 9 '10 at 9:44

Not the cause, but in your PrintBookList method, you have

for(i = 0; i < sizeof(bookList); i++)

but you can't get the size of an array of structs that way (it returns 4, the size of a pointer).

It is standard practice to pass the size in:

void PrintBookList(struct book **bookList, int numBooks) 
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thanks for the tip, fixed :) – Thomas Winsnes May 9 '10 at 9:31

Don't forget to limit size of read strings (don't forget they end with a '\0' symbol) (scanf doesn't know how long the fields are).


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