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I'm trying to run this snippet in Python 3.1 console and I'm getting SyntaxError:

>>> while True:
...     a=5
...     if a<6:
...             break
... print("hello")
  File "<stdin>", line 5
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

(This is just shortened code to make a point.)

Am I missing something? Is there some other Magic I don't know about? Thanks for your help (since this is my first StackOverflow question and I'm not a native English speaker)

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It's working, if you put the whole thing in a function:

def test():
    while True:
        if a<6:

If you try to do it outside a function (just in the interpreter), it does not know how to evaulate the whole thing, since it can only handle one statement at a time in the interpreter. Your while loop is such a statement, and your print stuff is such a statement, such you have two statements, but the interpreter takes only one.

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Ah, didn't know it can handle only one statement - it make sence! Thanks! :) –  bubersson May 9 '10 at 10:51

You have to input an empty line into the REPL to complete the current block before you can enter a new, unindented line of code.

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