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I just finish my iPhone game using cocos2d, and I want to submit it to Apple.

I've read this article: Building Your App for Distribution, and they say:

4 If necessary, adjust the base SDK for the device you want to deploy to. (e.g. iPhone Device 3.0, or whatever minimum version you want to build for.)

I want to put "iPhone 3.0" for the minimum version, but in Xcode I have only the choice of "iPhone 3.2"...
Where and how can I get the iPhone 3.0 for Xcode? (I have Xcode 3.2.3)


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In your target settings, look for "iPhone OS Deployment Target", and select 3.0 there. You can keep 3.2 as your build SDK, as long as you don't use any 3.2-specific stuff. If you want to build against 3.0, make sure the base SDK is set properly in your target and project settings.

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Thanks for your answer. My goal is to make my game work with all the iPhone 3.0+. And I can't find the "iPhone OS Deployment Target" that you are talking about... – pimpampoum May 11 '10 at 9:23
Right-click on your target, select "Get info", select the "Build" tab, and type "Deployment" in the search field. – Ben Gottlieb May 11 '10 at 13:33
Thanks a lot! :-) – pimpampoum May 11 '10 at 18:18

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