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Actually I have to find out the compatibilty of the upgrade of MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005. The MSSQL 2000 was installed inside the Citrix box . I did a side by side upgrade by backing up the database and restoring in my local machine. Now I have to figure out if the applications will work in MSSQL 2005.Can somebody please, give me idea how can I do it. Please,help me out, I will really appreciate it. Thanks, Angelina

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You might want to re-title this question. "Compatibility" is fairly useless. I would do it myself, but I am not really sure what you are asking. –  Jason Jackson Nov 16 '08 at 2:39

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You might need to give more information about what these applications are, but presumably the easiest method is to redirect them to point to the SQL 2005 database and run your test suite to see whether they still function as expected.

Remember when doing the installation of SQL 2005 to choose a collation that will work with your applications (using a SQL 2000 compatible collation may be the best option here).

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