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Please give me some titles, preferably not free books. I don't need it to be free; it would be better if published by McGraw Hill, Prentice-Hall, Springer, or any other good publisher.

Note that I'm interested here in programming with C++ only.

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The Windows API is a C API, so the vast majority of books about programming to it naturally use C as the programming language. –  anon May 9 '10 at 14:40

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Very few (printed) books cover use of the Windows API from C++ per se (most cover use from C, or something like .NET). You might want to take a look at Relisoft's C++ resources page though. They have a free online book and their own library (RSWL) that implements most of the ideas in the book. If you really want to pay for it, I believe you can get a printed copy through Amazon that you'd have to pay for.

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