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I'm looking for a (preferably free) component for Delphi for users to easily select about 100 different colours.

I've currently got one as part of DevExpress's editors, but it only has about 20 proper colours to choose, with a bunch of other 'Windows' colours like clHighlight, clBtnFace, etc.

It's for regular users, so would like to avoid requiring them to manually select RGB values.

Something similar to the colour picker in MS Paint might work, or something that lists X11/web colours:

So, please let me know if you got any recommendations.

Thanks for the suggestions from everyone

All of the suggestions were good, I didn't realise the MS Paint colour dialog can be called, that's all I needed and is the simplest solution. Thanks

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What's wrong with the TColorDialog?
It gives you the standard Windows color dialog, exactly the same as in MSPaint...
Add these options to show it directly expanded and with all colors available.

object ColorDialog1: TColorDialog
  Options = [cdFullOpen, cdAnyColor]
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Delphi Gems' Color Picker control, maybe?

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That the selected answer holds MSPaint as the standard for applications is pretty grim. This is a good alternative. –  Tim Sullivan Jul 13 '10 at 15:26

Give mbColor Lib from MXS a go. Perhaps the most comprehensive set of color picking components for Delphi. MXS Components

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There was an article about creating a custom colour selection component in issue 3 of the blaise pascal magazine.

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