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Why doesn't Informatica's joiner transformation support !=, >=, <= operators?

Why should they come up with a concept like lookup?

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Joiner transformation is used for vertical consolidation. e.g

order-id, item-id, item-qty

item-id, item-price, item-desc

Using a join condition on order-tbl.item-id = item-tbl.item-id you could print a report like this

order-id, item-id, item-price, item-desc

For vertical consolidation, I can't think of a scenerio needing other conditions like !=, >=, <=.

With lookup transformation, some core ETL tasks are made easy like

  1. identifying if the incoming record is a new record (primary key doesn't exist) or an update to the existing record;

  2. lookup a value e.g. lookup item-price from item-tbl to calculate order total.

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Now you can join heterogeneous sources with a non-equi join condition using a Lookup Transformation's "Multi Match" feature

You can download sample from following Informatica Marketplace


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I'm having a hard time seeing how this is an answer to the question. –  Andrew Barber Sep 21 '12 at 21:41

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