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I am currently using subversion with VisualSVN Server to manage and host my repo across my local subnet. i.e.


How can I configure VisualSVN Server to host outside of my subnet, i.e.


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  1. Start VisualSVN Server Manager
  2. Open context menu for root node and choose Properties
  3. Switch to Network property page
  4. Enter "www.mysite.com" in server name edit box.

I assume that you properly configured your DNS to point www.mysite.com to your server.

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There are a couple of ways, the easiest and most popular way to set it up using mod_svn which will host a SVN repo using DAV (I'm assuming you're using apache here). I use this setup myself under http://svn.mccoalition.net/ and it works wonders. You can also use svnserv as a quick way to host, although I personally prefer hosting through apache.

There's a quick guide here for ubuntu, just follow step #2.

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VisualSVN Server already includes mod_dav_svn and all other required components. –  Ivan Zhakov May 10 '10 at 6:35

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