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It appears there is no prompt property for the spark Combobox component as there was with the mx version. Anyone have a simple workaround for this or know something I'm just absentmindedly overlooking? Thanks in advance.

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There are now two 'combobox' like components in Spark, fx:Combobox and fx:DropDownList. DropDownList has a prompt component and behaves quite a bit like the old flex 3 combobox. I think you'll just need to switch components and you should be able to set a prompt.

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To solve this problem, just add this property to the s.ComboBox:

selectedItem="{{label:'- Select One-'}}"

with this solution you can have a prompt without adding any row to your dataProvider

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+1 this fixed my issue – João Bragança Dec 24 '10 at 0:51

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