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I've got an app that does Text-To-Speech; but I wanted to show an animated face/character to go with it. I found a tutorial on Microsoft Agent and I implemented it in my app.

The problem is with the transparency color.

Unless I run application in compatibility mode/256 colors, the characters will appear with a purplish-pink background image instead of a transparent back-color. But running the app in 256 colors the rest of the app looks awfully out of place.

First - is there something that works similar to MS Agent I can use that would be more appropriate?

Second - if I'm still MS Agent - can I get the transparent color to work correctly without limiting myself to 256 colors?

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How old was this tutorial on Microsoft Agent? I don't think that's a modern technology. – John Saunders May 10 '10 at 1:55
@John - You're right; it's old and from what I've read was no longer supported as of Windows 7. The downside is that it does pretty much exactly what I wanted. I'm muting the sound from MS Agent and doing the speech-to-text with a more modern library; I just wanted an easy way to get an animated face/mouth that kinda-sorta matched up with the speech. – Rob P. May 10 '10 at 2:53
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There is an open/free alternative implementing same interface and supported 32/64 Windows 7

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