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i have an project with name called(dbservice layer) which is in path: d:\webservice\DBService. here i have an webservice which connects to DB and returns an object of an class.

once i added an reference here i get an url:http://localhost:2371/Jobs.svc

now i have another project name (UILayer) whic is in path: E:\School\UILayer i added an service reference here with url as http://localhost:2371/Jobs.svc but i get an messgae telling service is unable why is that happening.

if both my webserivce layer and ui layer are in same project. then i able to use the webserive in the ui layer. and get the required output

so i wanted to know is there any way we can acesss the webserive from one project to another project

thanks in advance


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Publish your web service to an actual location and then add a reference using the actual URL not the one served up by visual studio. What I think is happening is each Visual Studio instance is using a different port so you can't say localhost:2371 for both projects because that is the local port for the instance your running with your original project.

Publish it and then access it via http://localhost/jobs.svc. You should be able to access it via IE directly without running Visual Studio if you have published it correctly.

The main point is, you have the wrong URL.

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hi Kelsey, thanks for the replay. once i publish my webserive i am able to access now in any project. i tried with url localhost/jobs.svc it would not hit the service. but once i change the url localhost:2371/Jobs.svc was able to access the webservice –  happysmile May 10 '10 at 17:54

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