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So I'm searching for a good crash course on localstorage and interacting with it in Javascript. I want to build a to-do list webapp with some extra functionality but it would be just for 1 user. I don't want to mess with php/mysql and have the server doing anything. Links to tutorials would be best :-D

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Here's a crash crash course I found very useful. It explains a bunch of HTML5 concepts, including localStorage, video tag, offline websites, forms, locations, canvas, and more.


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There is the offical documentation:


For a quick demo with code: http://html5demos.com/storage also more html5 demos at the root of that site.

Note there are also things like the YUI 2 Storage Utility which abstract the storage for you (HTML 5, Google Gears, SWF) depending on what the browser supports:

The Storage Utility provides a mechanism for storing significant amounts of textual data, client-side, whether or not your browsers supports the proposed HTML 5 Storage specification.

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Since HTML5 isn't everywhere yet, appreciate the abstraction layer recommendation for better web app support (Update: YUI has moved to version 3). There is also an older hack that has its share of warts but might be useful with older browsers. –  moodboom May 7 '13 at 17:26
jQuery's abstraction falls back to cookies. –  moodboom May 7 '13 at 20:15

This small tutorial/code-snippet helped me to get started.


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I would recommend one of the other questions asked here about how to store objects in localStorage. It helped me a lot as I am implementing a code editor that can store multiple files and last state of the user.

The stackoverflow question
Both answers posted are very valuable.

Some things to take into consideration:

  • When do you store data, after each key pressed or after some other specific action/event?
  • Use a temporary Javascript data structure or only interact with localStorage directly?
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