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I want to know when an image has finished loading. Is there a way to do it with a callback?

If not, is there a way to do it at all?

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Image.onload() will often work.

To use it, you'll need to be sure to bind the event handler before you set the src attribute.

Related Links:

Example Usage:

<title>Image onload()</title>

<img src="#" alt="This image is going to load" id="sologo"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {

    var logo = document.getElementById('sologo');

    logo.onload = function () {
        alert ("The image has loaded!");        

        logo.src = 'http://stackoverflow.com/Content/Img/stackoverflow-logo-250.png';         
    }, 5000);
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FYI: According ot the W3C spec, onload is not a valid event for IMG elements. Obviously browsers do support it, but if you care about the spec and are not 100% sure all of the browsers you want to target support this, you may want to rethink it or at least keep it in mind. – Jason Bunting Nov 12 '08 at 15:35
Exactly right. Be sure to test, especially if you care about supporting some of the obscure browsers. – keparo Nov 14 '08 at 9:35
why does waiting 5 seconds to set the source seem like a bad idea? – quemeful Aug 21 '14 at 11:42
@quemeful that's why it's called "an example". – Diego Jancic Nov 5 '15 at 17:45
Why do you need to wait to set the src? – Devin Gleason Lambert Jun 1 at 21:04

.complete + callback is a standards compliant, no library way. This waits no longer than necessary:

var img = document.querySelector('img')

function loaded() {

if (img.complete) {
} else {
  img.addEventListener('load', loaded)
  img.addEventListener('error', function() {

Source: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/es6/promises/

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You can use the .complete property of the Javascript image class.

I have an application where I store a number of Image objects in an array, that will be dynamically added to the screen, and as they're loading I write updates to another div on the page. Here's a code snippet:

var gAllImages = [];

function makeThumbDivs(thumbnailsBegin, thumbnailsEnd)
    gAllImages = [];

    for (var i = thumbnailsBegin; i < thumbnailsEnd; i++) 
        var theImage = new Image();
        theImage.src = "thumbs/" + getFilename(globals.gAllPageGUIDs[i]);

        setTimeout('checkForAllImagesLoaded()', 5);
        window.status="Creating thumbnail "+(i+1)+" of " + thumbnailsEnd;

        // make a new div containing that image

function checkForAllImagesLoaded()
    for (var i = 0; i < gAllImages.length; i++) {
        if (!gAllImages[i].complete) {
            var percentage = i * 100.0 / (gAllImages.length);
            percentage = percentage.toFixed(0).toString() + ' %';

            userMessagesController.setMessage("loading... " + percentage);
            setTimeout('checkForAllImagesLoaded()', 20);

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I've used similar code in my work before. This works well in all browsers. – Gabriel Hurley Aug 8 '09 at 21:27
The problem with checking complete is that starting with IE9 the OnLoad events is fired before all images are loaded and its hard to find a trigger for the checking function now. – Gene Vincent Mar 20 '13 at 10:05

You could use the load()-event in jQuery but it won't always fire if the image is loaded from the browser cache. This plugin https://github.com/peol/jquery.imgloaded/raw/master/ahpi.imgload.js can be used to remedy that problem.

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thanks for the onload cache problem! – hellectronic Aug 20 '12 at 15:24

these functions will solve the problem, you need to implement the DrawThumbnails function and have a global variable to store the images. I love to get this to work with a class object that has the ThumbnailImageArray as a member variable, but am struggling!

called as in addThumbnailImages(10);

var ThumbnailImageArray = [];

function addThumbnailImages(MaxNumberOfImages)
    var imgs = [];

    for (var i=1; i<MaxNumberOfImages; i++)

    preloadimages(imgs).done(function (images){
            var c=0;

            for(var i=0; i<images.length; i++)
                if(images[i].width >0) 
                    if(c != i)
                        images[c] = images[i];

            images.length = c;


function preloadimages(arr)
    var loadedimages=0
    var postaction=function(){}
    var arr=(typeof arr!="object")? [arr] : arr

    function imageloadpost()
        if (loadedimages==arr.length)
            postaction(ThumbnailImageArray); //call postaction and pass in newimages array as parameter

    for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++)
        ThumbnailImageArray[i]=new Image();
        ThumbnailImageArray[i].onload=function(){ imageloadpost();};
        ThumbnailImageArray[i].onerror=function(){ imageloadpost();};
    //return blank object with done() method    
    //remember user defined callback functions to be called when images load
    return  { done:function(f){ postaction=f || postaction } };
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Most of this code is irrelevant, including your entire addThumbnailImages function. Pare it down to the relevant code and I'll remove the -1. – Justin Morgan Oct 24 '12 at 17:04

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