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So after writing a large .tex file and using many packages I want to archive everything, not just the .tex .jpg files, but also the .sty files.

This is because sometimes some options in the sty files are changed, and then I can't compile the file.

The "problem" is that in using Ubuntu, I already installed all the packages in my system. I don't want to have to copy them manually. Is there a program that can do this automatically?


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Latex logfiles indicate all files loaded as follows:

  1. Files specified using absolute paths are shown (\$PATH followed by whitespace (a space or a newline; I think Tex forbids whitespace in paths, certainly paths with whitespace are a pairn to pass to \input);
  2. Local paths are the same except they have a dot: (.\$PATH followed by whitespace
  3. Fonts are shown within <...>.

You can easily scrape these filenames out of the .log file.

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