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I have a site set up with some thumbs and links to videos hosted on vimeo. I show them in a overlay using shadowbox.js. This works perfect.

Now I want to add a video hosted on dailymotion, but it doesn't work.

The working link to vimeo video:

<a rel="shadowbox;height=636;width=956" href="" class="player_text">thumbnail here</a>

The non working link to dailymotion video:

<a rel="shadowbox;height=636;width=956" href="" class="player_text">thumbnail here</a>

When the href is pasted in a browser, both links work fine. Both are played in a swf as far as I can see. So I can't see why shadowbox won't show it. Unless its a permission problem on the dailymotion video.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Doh! For others having similar issues... Maybe you downloaded a custom shadowbox build that dont support the format you're trying to embed :P Try getting the full verion of shadowbox.

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