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I want to check whether hre 1.6 or higher is installed or not. If installed I want to progress my application. If not installed , I want to install jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe after successfully installing jre , my control not returns to inno again. Please send a inno script for that.

best regards


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Hi Soumen, is not a place to ask for these kind of favors. Try to break your order in two technical questions. For example a) how to check using inno script if JRE 1.6 or higher is installer on a machine and b) how to run installation of JRE 1.6 ver 17 from inno script? – Boris Pavlović May 10 '10 at 13:38

For the [FILES] section:

Source: "jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe"; DestDir: "{app}\JRE 1.6"; Flags: onlyifdoesntexist

For the [CODE] section:

Function JREInstallPrompt:Boolean;
  if ((msgBox ('Do you want to install JRE 1.6?',mbinformation,mb_YesNo)=idYes)) then
     msgBox ('JRE 1.6 will being installing now. Please do not restart the machine or log off until it is complete!',mbinformation,mb_OK);
 else Result:=False;

Function JREVerifyInstall:Boolean;
 if ((RegValueExists(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SOFTWARE\JavaSoft','InstallerVersion')) or (JREInstallPrompt=False)) then //Exists or do not install
 else Result:=True;

And for the RUN section:

;SQL Server Express 2005 Installer
Filename: "{app}\JRE 1.6\jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe"; WorkingDir: {app}\JRE 1.6; StatusMsg: Installing Java Runtime Environment... Please Wait...;Check:JREVerifyInstall

Hopefully that will get you pointed in the right direction.

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