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I am trying to get the FacesContext by calling FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() in the run() method of a Runnable class, but it returns null.

public class Task implements Runnable {

    public void run() {
        FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); // null!
        // ...


How is this caused and how can I solve it?

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The FacesContext is stored as a ThreadLocal variable in the thread responsible for the HTTP request which invoked the FacesServlet, the one responsible for creating it. This thread usually goes through the managed bean methods only. The FacesContext is not available in all other threads.

You should actually also not have the need for it in other threads. You need to solve your problem differently. Ask yourself: what do you need it for? To obtain some information? Just pass that information to the Runnable yourself during its construction instead.


public class Task implements Runnable {

    private Work work;

    public Task(Work work) {
        this.work = work;

    public void run() {
        // Just use work.


Unrelated to the concrete problem, manually creating Runnables and manually spawning threads in a Java EE web application is alarming. Head to the following Q&A to see if it could be done better:

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I had this same symptom. There are many posts that say essentially, "the only time FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() will return null is when it's called outside a managed bean thread". But I did find one post that identified a build/class loader issue that causes it. Somehow, due to improperly specified dependencies, your FacesContext class can get loaded for the container and again for the app. So what is supposed to be a singleton turns into two singletons (somehow...?). Anyway, I'm posting this to record the fix, not to fully explain the problem behind the symptom.

I'm using JBoss Developer Studio, building with Maven for JBoss EAP 6.2. EAP comes with modules for JSF 1 and JSF 2.1. I want to use 2.1, which is stored here:


In my EJB project POM I had added a dependency for jsf-api with <scope>compile, which resulted in FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() returning null as described above.

The solution was: in the POM for my ejb and my web projects, I added this dependency:


And to make sure my deployed ejb project also tells JBoss about that I needed to make sure it gets published with this in it's MANIFEST.MF:

Dependencies: javax.faces.api:main

That can be done by Maven too, by putting an archive configuration in the POM for the ejb project where the build plugin was created:

                <!-- Tell Maven we are using EJB 3.1 -->

For me, the maven-ejb-plugin entry was already there and I just added the archive definition to the existing <configuration>. I assume if you are building with ejb-jar-plugin or ejb-war-plugin, the same <archive>...</archive> definition could be used.

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Noted should be that this doesn't fit OP's particular case of attempting to get it inside a completely different thread (via a Runnable implementation). The answer is good, but you're basically answering another question than asked here. If you can't seem to find the desired question to move this answer to, you can always ask your own. –  BalusC 2 days ago
In any case, I clarified the question to make OP's concrete problem more clear. –  BalusC 2 days ago

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