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I have a Crystal report where the data source has originally been set to use ODBC connections. Now I want to modify the data source to instead use OLE DB instead of using ODBC. How do I replace the data source connection without breaking the database fields which I have originally set up for my report? If I try to delete the original data source, the fields which I have already set up are also deleted. Is there a way to map the report to use OLE DB instead of the ODBC connection?


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Its easy. Right click on the database fields in your field explorer. Click on 'Set datasource location' And then you will see two sections in a dialog. "Current datasource" and "replace with". In the current datasource - select the object you want to replace. Then in the "Replace with" section click on "create new connection">"OLE DB">Connect to the database object that you want by supplying driver and credential information.

Then click the 'update' button on the right side. That's it! You're done. Though the object name might not seem to change in the 'current datasource' section, still if u click on the (+) sign next to the object, the source name will show the new OLEDB object that you used

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  1. Adding the OLE DB data source to the report without deleting the ODBC data source.
  2. Use the Set Datasource Location option (from the Database menu in the Report Designer) to change the datasource for the table from the ODBC data source to the OLE DB data source.
  3. Then delete the ODBC data source from the report.
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