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I'm looking for a way to generate pdf files from html

In order to make simple tabular reports I would need the following features

  • table rendering
  • variable page size
  • repeating headers / footers on every page
  • calculated page number / total page
  • css support would be nice

I know there have been many similar questions in stackoverflow, but I don't know if there's a product that supports the aforementioned features...

Ideally, the source would be a plain and simple well built html with css, (I'm building the html files, so I can adapt to the products needs, that is, it won't have to render every piece of html crap you can throw at a browser) and with some custom tags to configure headings, footer, page size, etc...

then I would run a command line to convert it from html to pdf.

I think does something like that

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Take a look at TCPDF

Check out the examples.

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