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I am creating something like eazy installer\setuper for my CMS. When user downloads .zip with my CMS and unpacks it into some folder on his php server he sees a file - install.php and a zip folder named - Contents.zip I need some php function to extract files from that Contents.zip zip file and than delete that file. (if it is possible I want to give different rights to files\folders extracted from there right after folder unZipping)

How to do such thing?

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you could use PHP ZipArchive library to for you purpose.

also, an code example from the documentation you might find useful.


$zip = new ZipArchive();
$filename = "./test112.zip";

if ($zip->open($filename, ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE)!==TRUE) {
    exit("cannot open <$filename>\n");

$zip->addFromString("testfilephp.txt" . time(), "#1 This is a test string added as testfilephp.txt.\n");
$zip->addFromString("testfilephp2.txt" . time(), "#2 This is a test string added as testfilephp2.txt.\n");
$zip->addFile($thisdir . "/too.php","/testfromfile.php");
echo "numfiles: " . $zip->numFiles . "\n";
echo "status:" . $zip->status . "\n";

for changing the file permissions you can use PHP builtin function chmod.

for example

chmod("/somedir/somefile", 0600);

to delete the file you can use, php builtin unlink

for example,


I would strongly recommend yuo to go through the official PHP documentation.

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is that "PHP ZipArchive library" part of official php 5.2 defalt apache php? –  Rella May 10 '10 at 15:34
and where do you delete that zip file? –  Rella May 10 '10 at 15:40
@Ole yeah, ZipArchive comes with the official distribution; however it has an external dependency on zlib.net –  phoenix24 May 10 '10 at 16:27
so it is possible when somebody buys Apache Web Hosting from some provider he will not be able to use this function? –  Rella May 10 '10 at 22:19

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