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I'm having a problem converting my program from VS2005 to VS2008. When I run the program in VS2008, the application starts up fine but when start playing around with the application it crashes giving me this error:

"Microsoft Visual Studio C Runtime Library has detected a fatal error"

And then the debugger points me to this function:

void __cdecl _CRT_DEBUGGER_HOOK(int _Reserved)
/* assign 0 to _debugger_hook_dummy so that the function is not folded
in retail */
_debugger_hook_dummy = 0;

compiling the application ase release works prefectly...

By the way, this is a native code calling a managed c++ code that wrapps .NET code.

How can I debug such situation ?


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Make sure all of your dependencies are also compiled with VS2008 debug.

I experienced this same issue when compiling a program in VS2008-debug, and some of the dependent DLLs where compiled in VS2003, and also when compiling a program in VS2008-debug and some of the dependencies where compiled as release.

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The most important thing you need at this point is the stack. Why was _CRT_DEBUGGER_HOOK called?

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