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I am trying to create a LWUIT Table in my J2ME application where all cells in one column are of a particular type e.g. TextField taking decimal input.

Could anyone please suggest of achieving this or even another approach I could take?

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I was looking in the wrong area.

Instead of using ListCellRenderer I extended the Table object and overrode the createCell method.

public class CustomTable extends Table{
    public CustomTable(TableModel model) {
    protected Component createCell(Object value, int row, int column, boolean editable) {
        switch (column) {
            case QUANITY_COLUMN:
                // create custom cell and return
                return super.createCell(value, row, column, editable);

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can you suggest any thing on how to add a click or selection lister for a row in the table? – Nitesh Verma Oct 31 '13 at 9:02

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