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I know that I can use normal html files in ASP.NET MVC; however I have a situation where several (above 20) html files are needed for static display. This is fine and good, but I really don't want it cluttering the MVC project since none of them will have controller actions.

Is there any way to load up a second project and use static html files from it, within ASP.NET MVC?

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I know my answer is not directly related to your question as you are asking how to access HTML pages from a second project. But an alternate would be to place the html files in your content directory. This way you could catalog your static html pages

For Instance:

MVC Directory Structure
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Yeah, I can do that. It works fine; I was just hoping to find something that my OCD could actually live with. I did it for another project and it worked, but it's such a hassle to manage. Ideally I'd like to just set up another project in Visual Studio and be able to manage the html/aspx files in there, and it publish with the MVC project as a merged directory. –  Ciel May 10 '10 at 18:49
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