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I'm programming an application(client/server) in C++ for linux using epoll y pthreads but I don't know how to handle the connect() calls for attach a new connection in the descriptor list if a loop with epoll_wait() is running(Edge-triggered), How to can I do it?... I could to use a dummy file descriptor to trigger an event and scape of wait?, or a simple call to connect() could fire the event??...

Sorry for my bad english...

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Yes, you can use another file descriptor that's just for waking up your epoll_wait() loop. Use pipe() to create the file descriptor. Add the reading end of the pipe to your epoll list, and write a single byte to the writing end when you want to wake it up. The reading side can just read that byte and discard it.

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Thanks, I will use pipe() to old kernel versions and eventfd() to new kernel versions(I have found it in man pages.) adew –  Andres Rodriguez May 12 '10 at 17:17

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