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As my project to do over this summer I would like to create a program that answers a Skype call using the Skype API and allows a user to connect to another VOIP provider (through SIP) and make calls by dialling through the client callers Skype application.

I understand that the Skype API allows me to answer and receive keypad input, but I'm stuck on actually sending the sound of the call to a SIP client.

Is there an API/library that would allow me to take the Skype receiving audio as input in the SIP client?

Is this even possible?

I'm not tied to a language but I had planned on using Python.


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I think you'll have to hook into your OS' sound processing. On Windows, you could install Virtual Audio Cable and configure Skype to use those virtual devices. Since nothing else will use them you can just capture and send sound from/to them to "talk" with Skype.

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