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In the project I'm working on I have a StructureMap registry for the main web project and another registry for my integration tests. During some of the tests I wire up the web project's registry, so that I can get objects out of the container for testing.

In one case I want to be able to replace a default concrete type from the web registry with one in the test registry.

Is this possible?

How do you do it?

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In a similar situation I created a NestedContainer (Container.GetNestedContainer()) and overwrote the type there. I then use the nested container to resolve the type.

That keeps the original configuration intact but allows for such overriding.

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Yes you can, the container will serve up which ever type is last defined (according to my tests). I theorize (but I am unsure) that my mistake was that I called the IInitializationExpression.Scan mechanism after I registered some type and it got reregistered back to it's original setting.

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Have you tried the .With() when you use GetInstance()?

Otherwise, you also use Container.Inject().

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