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The method is public static void method(Object[] params), how should I call it in the following scenarios?

  1. with one object as parameter ClassA a
  2. with more than one objects as parameters ClassA a, ClassB b, ClassC c? thank you
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You can create the array of objects on the fly:

method(new Object[] { a, b, c});

Another suggestion is that you change the signature of the method so that it uses java varargs:

public static void method(Object... params)

Nice thing is that it is compiled into a method with the same signature as above (Object[] params). But it may be called like method(a) or method(a, b, c).

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Beware, though, with the varargs variant, you'll have to explicitly cast to Object if you want to pas an Object[] as the only argument (and I don't think you'll get a warning if you forget). – Romain Jul 27 '12 at 14:56

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