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I'm currently running into some issues resizing images using GD.

Everything works fine until i want to resize an animated gif, which delivers the first frame on a black background.

I've tried using getimagesize but that only gives me dimensions and nothing to distinguish between just any gif and an animated one.

Actual resizing is not required for animated gifs, just being able to skip them would be enough for our purposes.

Any clues?

PS. I don't have access to imagemagick.

Kind regards,


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The author said he doesn't have ImageMagick. But for all the people search for any way to find out if an gif is animated and found their way here from Google (like me): ImageMagick does this pretty easily: – Lukas Sep 29 '14 at 15:00
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There is a brief snippet of code in the php manual page of the imagecreatefromgif() functions the should be what you need:

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Weird that I didn't find that in my default mirror of the manual, but tanks a lot for the link. I modified the function and gave both the original poster and you credit in comment. – Kris Nov 11 '08 at 12:25
An optimized version here. – Kevinrob Feb 18 at 10:37

While searching for a solution to the same problem I noticed that the site has a follow-up to the code Davide and Kris are referring to, but, according to the author, less memory-intensive, and possibly less disk-intensive.

I'll replicate it here, because it may be of interest.


function is_ani($filename) {
    if(!($fh = @fopen($filename, 'rb')))
        return false;
    $count = 0;
    //an animated gif contains multiple "frames", with each frame having a
    //header made up of:
    // * a static 4-byte sequence (\x00\x21\xF9\x04)
    // * 4 variable bytes
    // * a static 2-byte sequence (\x00\x2C)

    // We read through the file til we reach the end of the file, or we've found
    // at least 2 frame headers
    while(!feof($fh) && $count < 2) {
        $chunk = fread($fh, 1024 * 100); //read 100kb at a time
        $count += preg_match_all('#\x00\x21\xF9\x04.{4}\x00[\x2C\x21]#s', $chunk, $matches);

    return $count > 1;
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Added Stevio's correction below. – Frank Farmer Jun 16 '11 at 19:15
A recently added note mentions that photoshop may use \x00\x21 instead of \x00\x2C – Frank Farmer Jun 16 '11 at 19:24
Frank's note is not as outspoken as it should be. To others viewing this page, please see his full explanation at here – billmalarky Nov 22 '11 at 5:40
Compared to Kris' solution below, there might be a performance penalty due to the use of preg_match_all in favor of strpos. On the upside, the file is read in memory-friendly chunks, in contrast to file_get_contents. However, the solution does not cover the cornerstone of a frame marker spanning over 2 chunks, so I edited it a bit. – untill Aug 8 '14 at 13:08
I discovered that Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 sometimes doesn't include 00 at end of app extension block, meaning that the first \x00 can be omitted. – rr- May 23 '15 at 7:37

Here's the working function:

 * Thanks to ZeBadger for original example, and Davide Gualano for pointing me to it
 * Original at
function is_animated_gif( $filename )
    $raw = file_get_contents( $filename );

    $offset = 0;
    $frames = 0;
    while ($frames < 2)
    	$where1 = strpos($raw, "\x00\x21\xF9\x04", $offset);
    	if ( $where1 === false )
    		$offset = $where1 + 1;
    		$where2 = strpos( $raw, "\x00\x2C", $offset );
    		if ( $where2 === false )
    			if ( $where1 + 8 == $where2 )
    				$frames ++;
    			$offset = $where2 + 1;

    return $frames > 1;
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Animated GIF must has the following string

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