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I have logic on a CheckBox's OnCheckedChanged event that fires on form load as well as when user changes check state. I want the logic to only execute upon user action.

Is there a slick way of detecting user vs programmatic change that doesn't rely on setting/checking user variables?

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I usually have a bool flag on my form that I set to true before programmatically changing values. Then the event handler can check that flag to see if it is a user or programmatic.

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cs31415 asked for a solution that didn't involve setting a 'user variable' – Aren May 10 '10 at 21:50

Try some good old reflection?

StackFrame lastCall = new StackFrame(3);
if (lastCall.GetMethod().Name != "OnClick")
    // Programmatic Code
    // User Code

The Call Stack Goes like this:

  • OnClick
  • set_Checked
  • OnCheckChanged

So you need to go back 3 to differentiate who SET Checked

Do remember though, there's some stuff that can mess with the call stack, it's not 100% reliable, but you can extend this a bit to search for the originating source.

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I have tried this and it worked.

        bool user_action = false;
        StackTrace stackTrace = new StackTrace();
        StackFrame[] stackFrames = stackTrace.GetFrames();
        foreach (StackFrame stackFrame in stackFrames)
            if(stackFrame.GetMethod().Name == "WmMouseDown")
                user_action = true;

        if (user_action)
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