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I am trying to create a user control within a WPF application that will serve as a DataTemplate for a ListBoxItem. The user control a grid with 4 TextBlocks. This control also contains other shapes and images more for visual aid than anything so I am omitting them from the code in this question for clarity.

When I drop the user control on my mainwindow.xaml I can see the control and the properly bound fields point to the first record in the datasource. What I want to do is have this control render repeatedly within either a listbox or a wrap panel for each record within the database.

Can anyone provide me with a pointer or sample of how to have a user control render as a DataTemplate within the ListBox control/other panel.

Up to this point I have tried the following with no avail: Thanks in advance for any tips.

<!--within Window.Resource -->
<DataTemplate x:Key="myActivity">
        <local:ucActivityItm /> <!--usercontrol -->

<!-- Listbox within the window -->
<ListBox HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" ItemTemplate="{DynamicResource myActivity}"  VerticalAlignment="Stretch">
<!-- control also added for testing to ensure it rendered out-->
<local:ucActivityItm />   
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That DataTemplate isn't actually being assigned to your ListBox. There's three ways:

1: Replace the template in the Resources section with

        <local:ucActivityItm />

in the ListBox.
2: Somewhat related:

<ListBox ... ItemTemplate="{StaticResource myActivity}">

3: Set the DataType parameter of the DataTemplate above to whatever the content of your ListBox is.

<DataTemplate x:Key="myActivity" DataType="{x:Type ...}">

I usually just do the first, but any should work.

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