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I found the only one simillar question but that's for linux and xcode only...


im really interested to use OSX GCC for OPENBSD BOX. because my server is really slow, and all I need is file sharing and printing at home. I like to use ports very much, especially rebuilding all packages for slow cpu, it's really noticable difference, anyway, IMHO, is it possible?

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Using distcc is not the issue here. What you need is a OS X -> OpenBSD crosscompiling toolchain, which is something that works well.

Some reading:

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that what dcc could do? --> A gcc wrapper that speeds compilation by transparently distributing work across several machines –  holms Jan 2 '11 at 5:09
distcc distributes workload among computers. A cross-compiler compiles for a target that is different from the one it runs on. –  F'x Jan 2 '11 at 9:28

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