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I'm evaluating Watir right now. While Selenium has a dragAndDropToObject command (which seems to be broken) Watir seems not to have such a command. I couldn't find a script/tutorial with an example of how to test DnD with Watir.

Did anybody try/succeed in testing drag-and-drop with Watir?

Btw.: I am using jQuery for the DnD implementation.

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Different people have developed their own extensions to Watir for this. A lot depends on which drag and drop library you are using, apparently. Core Watir does not support drag and drop.

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I think Watir should. For the user drag'n'drop is a clear single operation. It should be also relatively easy to simultate -> mouse down somewhere, mouse move with button pressed, mouse up somewhereelse. –  Uberto Feb 4 '11 at 13:07
We would welcome submissions of drag-n-drop support code for Watir. Maybe it should be easy, but our experience is that it is not. If you have a simple solution, please share it with us. –  Bret Pettichord Feb 8 '11 at 2:34

I have heard people talk about it. Possibilities For New Events in Watir is often mentioned when talking about drag and drop.

I would suggest that you browse these for more information:

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